What makes us just that little bit different

Since the onset of Covid-19, and even for many years before, Mental Health has traditionally been an area of healthcare that gets overlooked or simply dismissed as "unimportant".

Statistically, one in four people directly suffer with one or more Mental Health issues and almost every single individual in the UK will know one or more person who struggles with their Mental Health. Since Covid-19, the additional strain on the NHS has pushed waiting times for treatment in to simply un-manageable levels. The average time from asking for help to actually receiving some is over two years - and that's just for the most basic CBT support.

We here at LTC Recruitment feel it's our duty to try and do something to help!
That's why we plan to use our profits to launch and manage a totally free to access, 24 hour, Mental Health Drop-In Clinic to help support our local community until they can get the professional help they need.

Plans are still in the early stages and we've got allot of work to do to make our dream a reality but the idea is to create a safe space staffed with a mixture of volunteers and paid staff in which anyone can access in a time of need. We hope to have a range of open-plan and private spaces where people can come and just decompress or distract themselves from the struggles of life.